Roadway Distribution

There's a clear hierarchy to motorist disdain for other forms of transport. They dislike cyclists the most. Pedestrians are next. Runner's are a-ok. This is sad, given the fact that it's most difficult for a cyclist to avoid collision with a vehicle.

I think I understand the basic psychology behind it. Cyclists are seen as flying in the face of motorized transport. They are metaphorically spitting on the motor vehicle in the eyes of auto drivers. Nevermind the fact that most cyclists are also automobile drivers. It's a recreational activiity. Logic has no place in human thought processes. If it did, religion would not exist.

Runners are viewed as athletes. They're not disrespectnig the car drivers. They're just working out.

Pedestrians are jsut pitied. They're, for whatever reason, unable to drive where they need to go. That may or may not be factual, but such is the general assumption.

I have been and am all of these things. Car driver, pedestrian, cyclist and runner. Each experience is unique. But cyclist is by far, the most stressful and least respected in general society. We need to adjust our mode of thinking. Automobiles do not have the right of way. They never have. And they never should.