Who Is America?

I am not a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen. Or more accurately, I didn't used to be. But his new show "Who Is America?" has exposed the core problem with our country. We're a nation full of people who have absolutely zero critical thinking abilitities and instead choose to believe whatever suits us.

When you raise your children to believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus this is the sad result. When you raise children to believe that there's a magical being looking out for all of us and if we wish really hard he'll fix our problems, this is the end result. You have a whole country of people with a dysfunctional view of reality and how to make it a livable place.

We've put people in charge of our country who are so easily duped into believing obvious nonsense because it's a nonsense that advances their personal causes. They've been put in charge because the people who voted for them suffer from the same criticial thinking vacuum in their though processes.

If tt's nonsense they want to be true,  they forgo questioning its validity.  Because that's what they've been taught to do from the day they were born. The Easter Bunny isn't logical. Santa Claus isn't logical. God isn't logical. But that's the mentality they've been conditioned to have. Believe. Faith. Facts are conditional to what you believe.. If it feels good, believe in it. Truth be damned.

Bernie Sanders is the only politician featured who easily identifies that the "facts" being presented to him are not actual facts. He politely disagrees and holds his ground when pressed.

All the right wingers are easily duped into believing any ridiculous ideas that furthers their dispicable agendas.

It made me proud to be a Bernie supporter.

It also offered futher evidence (not that more was needed) that left-wingers are the superior invidiuals both morally and intellectually.