A Justifiable Political Tangent

Americans pride themselves on their willingness to to help out and defend their fellow man. They strive be heroes in any situation that calls for it. Even taking a bullet for a stranger from time to time.

Yet ask them to open their wallet to help out their fellow man and you'll be met with angry glares and accusations of lazy welfare manipulators.

This contradictory attitude has to be addressed. Not everyone who is poor is lazy. Not everyone who needs financial assistance is a drain upon the economy.

If a person is attacked or shot or injured, you'd rush to help them. You might even risk your own safety to do so. That is how we are raised to conduct ourselves.

But somehow money is more important than life itself. Because as a society we are utterly unwilling to help those who struggle financially.

As s culture we need to re-evaluate this. We're placing more importance on wealth than we are on life itself.

We constantly complain about greedy, unscrupulous corporations that are destroying our way of life. Yet when it comes time to assign blame we demonize the poor.

It's illogical, unproductive and punishes those that are already victims, instead of holding the real criminals accountable.