Spread Rhombus Flagstone Tessellaton

I found the crease pattern for this tessellation using google. I'm a sucker for rhombus twist based flagstones.I would call this one a rhombus spread tessellation. It reminds me of Eric Gjerde's famous spread hex tess re-imagined to use rhombuses.

It begins with your standard small hex based rhombus flower at the center. It then proceeds to repeat the rhombuses in a linear pattern off of the center starting points. I really like it.

It was a pretty standard flagstone fold. Patience is definitely required. 

If you use a hexagon as your starting shape the edges are difficult. As with other flagstones the fold does not naturally fit that shape.

It's a pattern that fits very nicely in a smaller 32 pleat grid.

The end result is pretty impressive.

Kudos to whomever first conceived of it.