Launching Rockets Origami Tessellation

Here's an odd little tessellation that kinda just happened. I really don't recall anything in particular which inspired me to start down this road. 

Basically, it's just rectangles folded across a square grid. The rectangles bisect the gird lines rather than following them. 

It's just one of those interesting patterns that was hiding in the paper waiting to be found. 

I consider this first pic the front. 

But the other side is a pretty compelling pattern in its own right. It kinda reminds me of a tile floor or a stone patio. 

Pretty straightforward to fold assuming small intersection folds are not a problem for you. I use a blunt point metal nail file to help with difficult and/or small creases. 

Just take care to arrange your overlaps in an orderly pattern. They don't have to all flow in the same direction, but something orderly looks best.