Rhombus Circus Origami Tessellation

So I came up with this tessellation pattern that I really like. I haven't seen it before. That always excites me. Unfortunately it just misses fitting on a 32 pleat grid with any full repetitions.

I tried using a 48 pleat grid, but my paper just wasn't sturdy enough.

I mapped it all out, but was only able to do the 32 pleat version with the paper that I currently have. . 

Some fancy elephant hide paper might be in my future. Depends on how much I obsess about it. 

It would also be really cool to see someone else fold it. If some industrious folder were so inclined. 

It's a pretty cool design. It's tricky to execute and a somewhat complicated pattern. 

The idea started with this single module. It came together rather easily. 

How to repeat it didn't come as quickly, but I eventually found it hiding there in the grid and was able to map it all out in detail. 

It was really disappointing however, to discover that I wouldn't be able to fold it in all its full repeat glory yet. 

Bigger paper. Better paper. I'm not sure. 

A partial crease pattern is shown below.

I've uploaded the full crease pattern it to my flickr feed also, so the full size image is available.