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Percussion Origami Tessellation

  This is an idea I had for a odd shape I haven't really seen done.  It's not a twist tessellation. It's a collapse style tess.  Not too complicated. Not too simple.  It's a 32 pleat triangle grid. I used 24 lb bond paper.  Repeating the design resulted in standard hexagons in addition to the odd shapes.  It was a relatively simple fold.  Some of the folds are a little fidgety, but all in all, it's pretty tame.  Many of the folds are unnervingly misaligned/strayed from the grid, but they still make sense when you get down into it.  When I came up with the concept I was hoping for something a little more dramatic, but overall, I'm pleased with the end result.  How to fold it is probably pretty obvious. No secrets lurking in these backlit images.  Still I do have a crude crease patter just to be thorough.  

Star of David Flagstone Tessellation by Robin Scholz

  Folded a Robin Scholz flagstone tessellation he named 'Star of David'. I was surprised to find a pattern of his I had not already executed.  I used standard 20 lb copy paper. It worked out surprisingly well. It's dead of winter here. So the paper does as I command without complaint.  It's a wonderful pattern.  What I love most about flagstone tessellations is that they're so logical.  Most, if not all, origami tessellations are logical, but flagstones are moreso somehow.  Everything works together in a neat little package.  If you're interested in folding flagstone tessellations the most helpful advice I can give is to work both sides of the paper.  The reverse side of a flagstone tessellation is almost more important than the front.